Netflix is Making Their Own Avengers

The Netflix Hype got turned up to 11 this week at San Diego Comic Con, as Netflix released trailers for their new line of Marvel originals, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders.

Luke Cage

Fans of beefy bullet-proof badasses rejoice! The Harlem hero is finally getting his spotlight, and Netflix’s teaser trailer seems to have Power Man poised to be just as smooth and cool as the his comic book presence. Fans of the Jessica Jones series (highly recommended if you’ve missed it) will notice that he seems to walk with a bit more swagger here in his own show. That, mixed with a Wu-Tang track and plenty of destruction, makes this trailer absolutely awesome.


Iron Fist

The eerily subliminal, hypnotically rhythmic, and abruptly violent teaser trailer was a great introduction of Iron Fist to the mainstream. Compared to the Luke Cage trailer, Iron Fist aka Daniel Rand seems geared up to cause his own chi-filled havoc on the baddies of Hell’s kitchen. Getting flashback glimpses of his beginnings, and intense flashes of his present, has fans, old and new, curious as ever.

The Defenders

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Yes times four. Netflix hops on the trend of putting all your superhuman eggs in one basket (à la The Avengers/Justice League/ Suicide Squad), and I am all for it. The trailer also has a glimpse of The Punisher and a voiceover from Daredevil’s frenemy Stick, meaning fans can be even more excited to know that some of the side characters that they’ve come to know and love (or hate) may also be joining the party.  There isn’t too much news surrounding the upcoming Defenders series, but I’m hoping for some eventual Civil War aspects, especially with all of these characters’ comic book history.


All the trailers, all the hype, and more and more binge watching lined up well into the new year. Luke Cage is set to release on September 30th of this year, Iron Fist is still pending a release date, The Defenders is planned for 2017, and I’m scheduled to be on the couch watching Netflix until sometime late 2020.

So, are you excited for all of these new Marvel Netflix Originals? Which are you more pumped for? Let’s start a discussion in the comments down below!

Author: Alex McNeal

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