HUGE Pokémon announcement

In the mall this weekend, I saw Pokémon merchandise all over the place. I remember playing the games and watching the show when I was younger, but it is absolutely amazing how strong and constant the entire franchise has been throughout the years. 

Truth is,

Pokémon will never die.

The Pokémon TV series is airing new episodes, Pokémon cards can still be found anywhere, and Pokémon games are continually coming out. The newest handheld installments, Pokémon Sun and Moon, release later this year, and the three new starter Pokémon, Popplio, Rowlet, and Litten, were just announced yesterday, in the classic water, grass, fire fashion. 

Sealing the deal

Popplio is the Water Starter, and resembles a circus sea lion, with its collar and round pink nose. Popplio’s ability is Torrent and its earliest learned move is Water Gun. Personality wise, the game’s official site portrays Popplio as a playful, yet determined Pokémon, obsessed with his bubbles and somewhat, if tradition holds, which it always has with Pokémon, Popplio will evolve twice, with its last stage of evolution probably being some variation of a massive seal Pokémon, preferably with tusks and moves like Hyper Beam.

Who? Who? Who is the Grass Starter?

This installment’s Grass Starter is Rowlet, an owl-like Pokémon with a leaf bowtie. Rowlet is also a Flying-type, who knows Leafage, a leaf-throwing attack. His ability is Overgrow, a stat-boosting move that helps boost power when a low on health. I never tended to choose the Grass starter, but I’m sure that he’ll be a hoot to battle with.

Meow that’s a cool lookin’ Pokémon

Maybe it was just the natural childhood rage that burned inside of me, but I always chose the Fire Starter when I was younger. Litten is the Fire Starter this time around, a black and red-orange kitten (Litten, Kitten, get it?), who knows Ember and has the ability Blaze. In classic cat-behavior, Litten attacks with fiery hairballs, and sheds its fur in fiery blazes.

The fact that a new Pokémon game is coming out just makes me happy. Not so much because I plan on buying it or am excited to play it, but because I get to see more generations of kids enjoy some of my favorite childhood games. Pokémon will never die, and that is absolutely awesome.

What do you guys think about the new Pokemon? Let’s start a discussion in the comments!

Author: Alex Mcneal

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