Daredevil’s Season Two Trailer is the Creepiest Action Trailer Ever

Netflix keeps on being awesome, with a resurgence of its hit original series, Daredevil, releasing on the streaming service next month. On Monday, Netflix released Part I of it’s Daredevil Season Two Trailer, and it is the creepiest action trailer ever.

One batch, Two batch. Penny and Dime. This new trailer shows us Jon Bernthal all bloody, vengeful, and ruthless, in his Netflix debut as Frank Castle, A.K.A. The Punisher. Netflix seems to be keeping the classic Punisher character as original as possible, that is, he is locked, loaded, and dead-set on “taking care of the scum that killed his family”. Bernthal is rocking his classic Walking Dead buzzcut (let’s hope the head rubbing stays to a minimum), but his voice is set to a much grittier, raspier tone, with each of his lines in the trailer being delivered with a sense of controlled rage. Hell’s Kitchen seems to be in for a real treat, as the trailer describes that “Hell’s Kitchen is about to explode”, with this lone-wolf Punisher tracking down his targets and executing them with military precision whenever and however he sees fit. The Punisher carries a strict, and unforgiving viewpoint in the interaction that the trailer shows between him and Daredevil. He believes that Daredevil is a coward, and that it is better to put the city’s criminals in the dirt, rather than give them a second chance, a voiceover of his in the trailer telling Daredevil, “You hit them and they get back up, I hit them and they stay down”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.37.04 PM
He’s got a point.

Daredevil and company are back to practicing law in the courthouse and enforcing the law in the streets, but the trailer makes it seem as if they are doing so in somewhat of a panic, dealing with internal and external struggles alike. Karen questions whether the team’s actions, and the idea of Daredevil in general, are the foundation of the violent vigilantism perpetrated by men like Frank Castle. Foggy reprises his role as the pessimistic sidekick, still angry at the amount of blood Daredevil has already shed and trying to highlight the hypocrisy of Daredevil’s crusade. Matt Murdock, The Daredevil himself, is shown back in Church talking to Father Lantom about his guilt, and is seemingly still having a rampant internal struggle, torn apart by what he has already done and what he has yet to do. Glimpses of epic fight scenes are scattered throughout the trailer, and his exchanges with The Punisher seem to have him losing, as he pleads that “nobody needs to die” and is shown keeled over on the floor, spitting up blood.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.38.53 PM
Maybe he didn’t see it coming.

So, Daredevil, his friends, and Hell’s Kitchen seem to be about to experience a violent Season Two, and Jon Bernthal’s Punisher looks like he’s poised to be the brutal, old-testament, revenge seeking vigilante that fans of the comic books and previous movie adaptations know and love. I, like many Daredevil fans, am definitely going to set aside a day to binge-watch Season 2 come March. If you haven’t seen season one of Daredevil on Netflix, I highly recommend you get started. Season Two premieres March 18th, so get to it. Oh yea, and did I mention that the trailer teased an appearance of Daredevil’s old college romance? None other than the sultry, murderous, knife-wielding vigilante, Elektra Natchios.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.35.42 PM
Stab me.

So, are you excited for Daredevil Season Two? Team Castle or Team Murdock, or maybe Team Elektra? Let’s start a discussion in the comments down below!

Author: Alex McNeal

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