Star Wars: Episode VIII Prediction Time Capsule

Spoilers for The Force Awakens… duh.

At the time of this writing, a little movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens has made an absolutely staggering $861.3 million at the domestic box office. This is nearly $100 million more than the film in second place and over $200 million more than any other film ever released in history. Chances are you may have seen it. In fact, it seems, the only thing people like more than watching The Force Awakes is speculating about it.

Lets face it, if you’ve seen the movie you’ve probably wondered to yourself about Rey’s parentage or Luke’s absence or Snoke’s identity or any one of the many tantalizing questions this film leaves us with. Many, if not most, of these questions will undoubtedly be answered in the sequel, Star Wars Episode VIII due out in only 23 months on December 15th, 2017. Until then all we can do is wait and guess, which is what many fans have spent their time doing. We now, here at All Day Every Week, are giving you the opportunity to do just that… with a catch.

What makes this different from the numerous other websites and blogs discussing or theorizing about this issue? Well with this post, we intend to stand by our ludicrously early predictions and treat this post as a time capsule. We will post our theories surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens and guesses about Episode VIII and invite everyone to participate. This isn’t a post where we want arguing and putting down other people’s theories; there’s plenty of internet holes for that. This is just for bold theories and ideas. After a month or two we will close this post, hide it, and repost it in 16 months after Episode VIII is released. Then we can all see how each of us did; both bloggers and commenters.

The key here is to put your money where your mouth is (so to speak– there’s no money involved). You have a bold prediction? You think you know what will happen? You think you know Rey’s lineage or Snokes identity? Post it here. And in two years either you will be lauded for your correct predictions or chastised because of your wrong ones. Too unsure about your predictions to stand by them? Be a coward. Retreat with your tail between  your legs.  But if you believe if your theories post them and see if they indeed stand the test of time.

Radcliff’s Predictions


One of the areas The Force Awakens excelled at was setting up the world– or perhaps in this case reintroducing the world. It showed us characters we loved, but in the middle of a world we hadn’t seen for over 30 years. In so doing it created both questions about where the series is going but also where it had come from. A lot has changed in the Star Wars universe since we were allowed to visit and after The Force Awakens, so much of it is still a mystery. Here are my predictions, theories and ideas for several of those mysteries.

  • Rey’s a Skywalker. I mean is there any one who legitimately believes this isn’t the case or who can offer any logical reasoning against it? George Lucas has always said that Star Wars is a family saga… so staging the third act around some strange girl who happens to be a Jedi but has no ties to Luke whatsoever? Yeah I’m not buying it. She’s Luke’s daughter and the only real question is: Why would he have allowed her marooning on Jakku? That is… if he knows she’s alive. 
  • Luke in Episode 8. Clearly, Luke hasn’t had the best time since we saw him last. When he appears at the end of The Force Awakens, he is self-banished, bearded, and haunted looking. What happened to him? Well, I think we’re going to find out. At first, he’ll try to send Rey away. He doesn’t want to be the hero again. The force got too many people hurt. But Rey will refuse to leave. She’ll be all handy and spunky and British like she does and she’ll finally win Luke over.
  • This is when we’ll get the flashback. I’m convinced we haven’t seen the last flashback of the events that lead our characters to their current states of separation and grief. I think a longer one is coming– one that will chronicle Kylo’s fall, Rey’s marooning, and just who the hell Max von Sydow was playing. He was an important enough character to be mentioned in the opening crawl, but he dies five minutes in? I’m calling bullshit.
  • Kylo’s secret. We saw, in flashes, Kylo and the Knights of Ren standing in a body strewn field with a screaming Rey. Was she there? How did she get from there to Jakku? Why wasn’t she killed by Kylo? Who helped her escape? And why in the bloody hell does Daddy Skywalker just let her waste away there? While my theory doesn’t directly address the last question, it answers the rest. We saw Kylo struggling with his “weakness” which was the light side warring inside of him. If my theory about Rey’s parentage is correct, she would be Kylo’s cousin and they wouldn’t be too far in age. They were likely friends, playmates even. Could Kylo have had a moment of “weakness” and spared her? I think he did. I think killing Jedis and acolytes was a far cry from killing his own blood, especially like 20 years before he finally proved himself by killing his father. I think he smuggled Rey away, leaving her on Jakku for safety. Notice the fear and anger in his voice when someone tells him Finn escaped Jakku with a girl. “What girl?!” Why, the very one you hoped you’d never see again, Kylo. This also explains his immediate desire to take Rey under his wing and train her for the dark side.
  • Leia’s Force. It’s been 30 years since we, and Princess Leia, discovered that she is force sensitive. Since then we have seen her know that Luke is alive at the end of Jedi using the force and know that Han is dead at the end of Force Awakens using the force. That has been her extent of power that we’ve seen. But if I were a powerful royal General, fighting for the last 30-40 years against tyrannical villains, I would want to make sure I had every advantage presented to me. Does anyone think Leia wouldn’t use this time to develop the force? It would be a very dumb move on her part and Leia has never been dumb. It’s for these reasons I think that we’ll get a big scene in Episode VIII or IX where Leia shows us just how much power she has. I, personally, cannot wait.

Austin’s Predictions


I’m going out on a limb to say that Star Wars Episode VIII will be the most mature and interesting Star Wars movie we’ve ever had. Yup I said it. Here are my predictions.

  • Supreme Leader Snoke. I think when Snoke is finally revealed, he’ll basically be a little evil Yoda. Yeah, I’m calling it. He’s going to be short as hell and spout wise things to his Dark Side buddies. On top of that, I think he’ll die by the hand of Kylo in either episode VIII or episode IX.
  • Bearded Luke Skywalker. Episode VIII will have a huge chunk of its length featuring Rocky-esque training scenes between Luke and Rey, much like Luke and Yoda back in the day. Not only that, but Luke will at some point reveal something to Rey that she’s capable of doing via the Force – maybe locate Kylo or something similar? Also, I’m willing to bet that Luke has developed a memory-related Force power: he used this to hide Rey from her own memory of being trained/her abilities/what happened when Kylo left, etc. I think a similar power could have been used on R2-D2 to make him wake up at just the right moment. AND remember Kylo’s Force power that he was abusing Rey and Poe with? I think it may be an early and crude version of the power that Luke has mastered now.
  • Tie-Ins with Prequels. I think the tie-ins will be minimal, but probably something along the lines of planets appearing or being referenced to, maybe we’ll even get a glimpse at some characters via flashbacks (as had been mentioned in news releases previously).
  • Finn. While weaving between Kylo’s training with Snoke and Rey’s training and revelations with Luke, I think we’ll get a nice big helping of Finn’s origins and perhaps see him go the way of the warrior and rise in the ranks of the Resistance. Contrary to what many believe, I don’t think Finn will have any ties to the force. Also, I think he will be captured and given consequences for his betrayal of the First Order. I think Captain Phasma will be the one dishing out his punishments.
  • Chewbacca. This is unlikely to happen, but I want to see Chewie go on a rogue mission and take revenge for his fallen buddy. Can you imagine all of his Wookie prowess infiltrating a First Order ship or base? I want to see storm trooper limbs flying left and right amongst the poignant roars of Chewie’s recognizable voice. If he does, I think he’ll sacrifice his life to the cause and take down as many enemies as he can in the process. It would be pure bad-assery
  • Maz Kanata. We only saw her briefly in The Force Awakens, but it’s been revealed that Maz definitely does have Force abilities. I don’t think she’ll be absent from the rest of the trilogy, especially with how wise and connected to the world she seems. Perhaps she will be part of a big reveal when assisting the take down of one of the big baddies.

So those are our theories, lets hear yours. They can be outlandish, crazy, subtle or just fun. Show us how well you think you know Star Wars and if you’re right, you’ll get a huge call out when we dig up this Time Capsule in December 2017.

Authors: Radcliff Weir, @radcliffweir; Austin Adams, @IamAustinAdams


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  1. My prediction of Rey’s origins and where she will go from here is that she is the daughter of Han and Leia. I believe they kept her a secret from Kylo in order to protect her from him. It’s a little too convenient that the Mellenium Falcon happened to be on Jakku, and Han happened to be orbiting the planet, even if it’s to move the plot along. I think the main plot of this new trilogy will be Rey trying to save Kylo while battling him every step of the way, to try and pull him back from the Dark Side. I guess we will find out in 18 months 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rey being Luke’s daughter makes it too easy. I don’t think they’ll do that cop out. Is the O.G. Star Wars a Skywalker event? Yeah. Did they ignore George Lucas and use pretty much zero of his source material? Yeah. They gotta be bringing it back to the realm of “anyone can be a Jedi!” Rather than “…you gotta have a blood-relative to be a Jedi.”
    I think she was just some force-sensitive kid who WAS training with Luke when Kylo Ren attacked. Then (like you mention) he’s not evil enough to kill kids yet.
    I wish they would establish their ages better. Although they’re close, they have to be at least 10 years apart to place her at the massacre that he did (and that’s if Kylo was the minimal age of ~15-17.)
    I am nervous about all the flashbacks that will be needed to flush the story of all these people out. Too many flashbacks or too much lengthy dialogue will be tough.
    If only Carrie Fisher were young enough to do a cool lightsaber battle with Kylo…
    Snoke = Darth Plaguies the Wise? Ehh? Ehhhhhh?
    I really hope Finn is force sensitive. And gets a purple lightsaber…
    I’ve read plenty of “predictions” that Phasma (entirely hyped up and underused in Ep. VII), who was never seen doing anything “evil” will flip by the end of the trilogy. I thought that was a cool concept.

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  3. This should be fun to see how all the cards fall into place! 😉

    My theories:

    1. Rey is Luke’s daughter.
    2. Luke doesn’t know about her at all.
    3. Luke’s lover/Rey’s Mom is the *real* culprit when it comes to the abandonment of Rey, whether through her own duplicity or because she was killed and/or Rey was stolen from her. I think this mysterious woman will play a bigger role in the story.
    4. In relation to the above theory, and more in line what I would *want* to see, I would want Luke’s lover to be someone of great importance who is very complicated and is on the “bad side”. As a fan of the Expanded Universe novels, it would be great to see a twist on the character of Mara Jade, who ended up as Luke’s wife in that series.
    5. The Supreme Leader is Darth Plagueis reborn! Because he is supposed to be dead, but he was a powerful master of the Force, so death is of little consequence.


  4. I think Rey might be Snoke’s daughter but she refused to do bad so he sent her to Jakku and brainwashed her and I think that their might a scene similar to Darth Vader and Luke confessing I am your father


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