The New Batman v. Superman Trailer is Finally Getting People on Board

The second official trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice released this week, and the internet is eating it up. Racking up over 7 million views its first day on Youtube alone, this new trailer gave eager fans a taste of almost everything, Bruce and Clark in and out of costume, a preview of Lex Luthor’s mental instability, and epic reveals of both Doomsday and Wonder Woman.

Even out of his suit of bat-armor, Ben Affleck looks built like a brick house, and the smooth voiced jabs he takes at Superman (to his face no-less) combined with his overall demeanor definitely makes it seem like Snyder and crew created a Batman character that Affleck fits perfectly into. Also, Mr. Wayne mentions how Gotham has a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns. That nod, accompanied by a shot of one of Batman’s suits vandalized with a sprawl of graffiti reading, “HA HA HA Jokes on you, Batman”, got fans even more riled up, as the rampant curiosity about Jared Leto’s take on the Joker character continues to grow. The trailer shows off the bat-mobile, the bat-plane, and the bat-claw, but what caught my eye was the apparent bat-shotgun he can be seen holding at the trailer’s 2:43 minute mark. Granted, it could just be some type of gun-like weapon that does a gadgety non-lethal action in Batman’s no-killing style, but it would be interesting if the “no guns” rule was thrown out for this new Batman.

Maybe it’ll shoot dirty looks.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman seems to be playing out the same as in his previous Superman movies, only meaner. The trailer makes it seem that Superman walks around knowing that he’s awesome (Duh, he’s Superman), and that he is fed up with this Batman nonsense. His threat to Batman in the middle of the trailer warning him to stay down, and that, if he wanted it, Batman would already be dead, sets a perfect tone for just how intense this vendetta is poised to be.

Jessie Eisenberg showcased more of his Lex Luthor character’s playful insanity and passionate genius. Throughout the trailer Lex can be heard egging on the Batman v. Superman rivalry, and the excitement in his voice makes even more exciting to see what he is going to do to this super-powered showdown. The reveal of Doomsday as the evil that eventually pair Superman and Batman together is full of fire and explosions, and, while it was not really anything special, Doomsday is terrorizing enough to actually give both heroes a hard time. Wonder Woman had no dialogue, but her entrance spoke for itself. Luckily, the producers are playing it wisely and not over-sexualizing the Wonder Woman character, but instead making her look equal part warrior and hero. Her reveal came with a bit of a laugh, when Superman asks if she is with Batman, and Batman replies, “I thought she was with you”. A playful joke, yea, but at least the movie seems to be keeping its dark tones, separating itself far from the more cartoony Marvel universe. Also, it was interesting to hear Ben Affleck’s gruff bat-voice, which is much calmer than Christian Bale’s… let’s say ‘intense’ version.


So, what do you all think of the upcoming Batman v. Superman movie? Did this trailer get you more excited, or did it ruin it? Let’s start a discussion in the comments below!

AuthorAlex McNeal

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