Trevor Noah Won’t Mess Up The Daily Show

Trevor Noah had his debut this week as the new host of The Daily Show, and he proved to be a pleasant surprise to the majority of fans. Yes, Jon Stewart is gone, and yes, he can never be truly replaced. But Noah is doing a solid job filling Stewart’s seat so far, and, even though the ratings weren’t spectacular, his first week displayed a lot of promise for the show’s future.

Who’s this guy!?

First off, The Daily Show’s writing staff picked up right where they left off. The snappy political satire and pop culture repartee are both still the foundation of the show’s material, and each segment of the show carried the humor fans know and love. With the presidential race going on, the writers still have plenty to play off of. The first show started off teasing around with the fact that Noah is the new kid on the block, accompanied by playful commentary regarding John Boehner’s resignation. Throughout the week, the show touched on a variety of topics, from the discovery of flowing water on Mars to police-related race relations, all accompanied by those classic supplemental graphics. The show’s core material and writing style are still there, but this would undoubtedly mean nothing if the host of the show couldn’t execute the delivery. Luckily,

Trevor Noah’s talents seem perfect for the show.

Noah’s comedy background shined brightly as he continually delivered punchline after punchline throughout the week. While there were a few times where he stumbled, they were all minor, and he rolled right through them like a professional. First-week jitters were expected though, and his on-screen presence is bound to only improve as the show goes on. Also, Noah’s cultural background seems to be giving him a solid platform as well. The world ‘Global’ has been getting thrown around a lot, even jokingly on the show itself, regarding the new world-view that Noah brings to the table. With this, Noah has shown to be knowledgeable about the world around him on a personal level, as well as professionally, which has made certain segments feel more intimate.


However, Noah’s presentation during the show’s regular segments are only half of the night. The other half involves a bit more ‘on the spot’ discussion, when Noah is speaking with the night’s guest. The show’s first two guests were actor/comedian Kevin Hart, and Tinder Co-Founder Whitney Wolfe, two relatively easy individuals to talk to. Talking to Hart about comedy and Wolfe about dating apps was a great way to ease Noah into these interview processes, as there was not much to expect from either of them. Noah’s more pressing interview came on Wednesday night, when Republican Presidential Candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sat across from him. As the new guy, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Noah would have been a bit soft in his first interview of a politician. But that was not the case. Noah immediately jumped on Christie’s immigration plans, criticizing its immense cost and general practicality, and Noah didn’t back down when Governor Christie gave his responses. Noah was able to keep a balance throughout the interview. He pressed the concerning issues, but was never overbearing, respecting his guest throughout while also maintaining a comedy aspect.

Even in Jon Stewart’s absence, The Daily Show is still full of all the things fans love. Trevor Noah and the team around him did great in the show’s first week back. The writing is still exceptional, and Noah is showcasing that he can hold his own in every aspect. He can deliver the jokes on point, get serious when needed, and he isn’t afraid to say what everyone is thinking. Granted, a first week isn’t enough to get a proper gauge of the show’s future, but Trevor Noah is doing really well so far. It’ll take time to get used to the new guy, but I think The Daily Show and its fans are going to be just fine.

So, how do you guys think Trevor Noah did in his first week taking over the show? Is he the right fit or will he bring the show down?

Let’s start a discussion in the comments!

Author: Alex McNeal

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