The Call of Duty: Black Ops III Story Looks Horrible (New Trailer)

The Call of Duty: Black Ops III story trailer was released today, and it was extremely underwhelming.

It came with a futuristic feel similar to that of its predecessor, Advanced Warfare, but had significantly less high-tech components to it, compared to Advanced Warfare’s nanobots, tanks with legs, and boosting exosuits. In addition to what it showed off, Advanced Warfare’s story trailer told a lot more about the campaign than Black Ops III’s, with a commentative balance between the protagonist and antagonist being accompanied by just enough explosions.

BUT. It’d be unfair to compare Black Ops III to a game that wasn’t in the same story arc. Right? Right. However, in comparison to Black Ops II, which came out three years ago, this trailer still falls short. The story trailer for Black Ops II showcased the back and forth time periods, the type of arsenal to expect, and a few of the game’s action-packed moments. In fact, it did this so well that it didn’t even need dialogue, just an AC/DC track and some title screens.


With this new Black Ops III trailer, Activision and Treyarch introduced a classic revenge driven plot, a war-torn futuristic wasteland, and the main character’s internal struggle and subsequent mental breakdown a la Spec Ops: The Line. Although, there are three parts of this trailer that should get fans excited.

The first is the reveal of Black Ops III’s villain, voiced and portrayed by Christopher Meloni. Meloni was the long-time Detective Stabler on Law and Order: SVU, and his acting abilities could definitely breathe life into a rather droll looking storyline. Hopefully the star studded cast isn’t this installments biggest success. The second exciting scene is the brief shot of a throwing knife being chucked into someone’s chest. For some reason, whether it’s a throwing knife, tomahawk, or ballistic knife, there is something so refreshing about being able to stab someone from a long way off. The third big positive is that… well… actually, nevermind. Just the villain reveal and throwing knives.

You have the right to disappoint fans.

The majority of Call of Duty’s fan-base enjoy the franchise more so for its multiplayer, so it’s not surprising that the campaigns are becoming mere supplements to that. Good news for those of you on PS3 and Xbox 360 though, because, if you were disappointed by this story trailer, Activision and Treyarch did you a favor and decided to not included the story in the last-gen versions. Ultimately, the awesomeness lacking from this trailer doesn’t mean much, because this installment will still sell millions like all the other Call of Dutys. However, even though I’ve been enjoying these shooters since Call of Duty 2 on my PC, it’ll take a lot more to convince me that Black Ops III is something to be excited for. Maybe once I see the Marshawn Lynch reveal? Fingers crossed for Skittle camouflage and a “I’m just here so I won’t get shot”.

What do you guys think? Did the trailer increase the hype or disappoint? Or, did Call of Duty lose its spark a long time ago? Let’s start a discussion in the comments below!

Author: Alex McNeal

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