Watch: Heist Official Trailer – Robert De Niro’s Next Awesome Crime Movie?

Gimme that DeNiro.

Everyone loves a good DeNiro flick. Yeah, we know he’s been a part of some shitty movies in his older age, but I would do the exact same thing if I were him. He’s already done everything an actor can do. He’s been in every type of film and played multiple roles to perfection. All he’s doing now is having fun and enjoying his job as an actor. Despite some of the cringeworthy films he’s been in, I’ve still yet to see DeNiro act poorly in a role. No matter if it’s a Romantic Comedy or a Crime Drama, the man kills it every time.

I’m Robert De Niro and I’m cooler than you.
I’ve been more than happy to see him popping up in some quality movies in the past few years, like Silver Linings Playbook, but I am still yearning for him to appear in a solid crime movie again (not just cameos, even if it’s cool – I’m looking at you, an unnamed David O. Russell film that I’ll keep secret for sake of spoilers). There’s just no one who can nail a criminal role like De Niro. He can go into a full-fledge character as Vito Corleone and give a mezmerizing performance, or be a quiet and subtle conman like the one he played in The Score.  No matter what type of criminal he plays, he plays it well. I mean, he plays any character well, but, especially criminals – or characters in the same ballpark.

With all that said, I just saw the official trailer for Heist, starring Robert De Niro, Dave Bautista and Jeffery Dean Morgan (among others). Does it look like the crime movie we’ve been waiting for? No, not really. For starters, De Niro is the one being robbed, not the one pulling off the heists, but at least it’s still a crime movie. Well, it also appears that he’s not even featured very much in the film, while the much smaller actors, who are performing with much cheese in the trailer, are taking the spotlight. Unfortunately, as the trailer goes on, it molds further into the shittiness of every Hollywood action movie and my eyes begin to glaze over. God dammit. I just wanted a new De Niro crime movie.

Sorry! Not the movie you wanted!
Wait, but there’s guys swinging down from the roof of a moving bus and kicking into the window!

Yeah, nah…

OH, but there’s also predictable dialogue like “So what’re you gonna do?” “I’m gonna find ’em”.

I think I’ll pass…

You sure? ‘Cause I actually forgot to mention that an entire S.W.A.T. team is walking on the roof of a moving bus!

No, really. I’m good.

Ok, enough of that. Obviously I’m upset. I see the title ‘Heist’ and the name Robert De Niro, yet somehow I’m still let down. I don’t care about this movie at all, thanks to the forgettable cast and laughably cliche premise. I understand that a heist movie will sound like every other heist movie on the surface level, but you can at least make it slightly original or give us a great look/vibe/tone/cast. Maybe I’ll be suprised and the critics will claim this to be a masterpiece, but I highly doubt it.

I’ll still probably watch it on Netflix simply to wonder at the immortal power that is Robert De Niro.

What do you guys think? Will this movie be as bad as I think? Don’t you miss De Niro’s great movies? Let’s start a discussion in the comments!

Author: Austin Adams @IamAustinAdams

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