The New Peanuts Movie Better Not Ruin Our Childhood (New Trailer)

The new Peanuts Movie is coming out in November, with a new visual style and a marketing move that is bound to go viral. If you’re like me, or a ton of other people, The Peanuts is just one of those things that is untouchable. It rises above genres and critics and holds a place in animation/tv history forever. Something about the combination of the theme song, animation and characters just gets me feelin’ all warm and fuzzy inside. I mean honestly…how can you not like the Peanuts? They are timeless.

For those of you who are a little too biased, as I am, or if you just want to see yourself as a Peanut character, check out the website they made where you can make that a reality. I think it’s a great promotion for the film because it’s creative and well done. I had fun doing it, ok?

A new trailer was just released for The Peanuts Movie, giving us some good, some bad and some ugly. The Good: The visual tones and voice acting appear to be spot-on and do exactly what they should for this movie. The bad: A few groaner jokes, but that’s to be expected with a movie geared primarily toward children. Hopefully some of them hit in the actual movie. The Ugly: Modern hip hop songs in a Peanuts Movie? Sorry, but no. One million times no.

Please no hip hop.

Enough about that. The new take on the beloved classic looks to retain the same fun/feel-good tone with a revamped look, which at first threw me for a loop. I think, though, that the new style isn’t too overbearing and even holds onto a lot of the recognizable traits from the cartoon. Many of us grew up watching the show and movies, or have had it passed down from parents and older siblings, so it’s a very prominent IP in both film and television. Honestly, it was one of the few properties that never came to mind as a reboot candidate, even in the midst of so many being done nowadays. Is it a pleasant surprise? Sure, I was happy to see the trailer in theaters. But, again, it’s something very precious to a lot of people, so it could catch a bad storm if it fails to deliver.

I’m reminded of the most recent Winnie The Pooh movie from 2011. A similar situation presented itself: widely loved cartoon, modern movie, easy to mess up. As a child I absolutely adored anything that had to do with Winnie the Pooh. All shows, movies, stuffed animals and wallpapers could be found dominating the presence of my room. So, naturally, I was very defensive when a new movie was being released. I didn’t want Hollywood to step on one of the dear things that had heavily occupied my childhood.

Thankfully, the movie hit every note graciously and was a sweet, heart-warming film that was a perfect fit in the Winnie the Pooh universe. I remember feeling surges of nostalgia just at the sound of the characters’ voices – I hadn’t remembered them being so distinct and original.

Hopefully, these are the feelings we will get after seeing the new Peanuts movie. I’d love to jump into that world again and enjoy the familiar characters, along with the joys of a simple and innocent laugh. That’s what The Peanuts have accomplished for years, so a lot of us will be happy if the film can live up to the timeless legacy. Even if it’s not quite up to expectations, there’s just something about the Peanuts that won’t let me say negative things about them.

You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.
Do you guys think The Peanuts Movie will live up to expectations? How do you feel about the new visual style? Let’s start a discussion in the comments!

Author: Austin Adams @IamAustinAdams

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