Could this be Christopher Nolan’s next big movie trilogy?

Christopher Nolan, Leonardo Dicaprio’s production company and Marco J. Ramirez (Writer – Sons of Anarchy, Daredevil series)  are rumored to be teaming up for a new live-action Akira movie trilogy. Half of you may be salivating at the thought, others may be cursing Nolan’s name, fearing he will screw up the beloved anime. And then there’s others who simply don’t know what  Akira is and have never heard of it. Well, no matter who you are, if you like a good Nolan flick, this may be exciting news for you. Especially considering the fact that his IMDB page says his next “Unannounced” project is slated for a summer 2017 release…could that be hinting at the first installment of the rumored Akira trilogy?

Den of Geek leaked the info, claiming to be close to the source and even stated that Nolan had met with someone who was previously attached to the film, but that person’s idendity isn’t being disclosed. It’s sure a big claim, what with Nolan being one of the most successful and sought-after filmmakers in the business currently. The thing is, with so many blockbuster hits and tremendously huge movies, the man has garnered both super fans and Nolan-haters. A lot praise him as one of the best ever, while many others may write off his accomplishments as severely overrated. We think he could make the adaptation into a very uniqe and visually robust trilogy, with plenty of opportunity to give anime a pretty spot in the limelight, given the stage of popular American film, especially with his pull in the industry. But, there are still plenty of risks. If Nolan sways from the anime roots and attempts to westernize the subject matter, fans could revolt against the films. At the same time, he has the right to make his own vision and interpretation of Akira come to life, whether it upsets the fans or not.

So, what do you guys think? Would a live-action Akira trilogy be awesome under Nolan’s control? Do you think he’ll westernize it? If so, do you think that would be a bad thing? Let’s have a discussion in the comments!

Author: Austin Adams @IamAustinAdams

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  1. I saw a trailer for Funny People in the theather with Adam Sandler. Not only did they reveal he gets cancer in this extended trailer, but also that he beats it! I was pretty surprised they would include that since it was a pivotal plot point.


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